Violectric for discerning home users

Since 2009, Lake People also builds special devices for hifi applications under the name Violectric. With this brand, music enthusiasts with high expectations regarding sound performance and design can also enjoy the high-end circuitry of Lake People. Fried Reim, the head behind both brands, makes a point of having all Violectric products justify their existence by their electronic design alone and not by relying on dubious esoteric claims: “We cater to pragmatics.” This approach is mirrored in the simple, yet exquisite presentation of Violectric devices.

About Lake People

“Tools – not toys” is the mantra of the Constance-based company Lake People. It mirrors the manufacturer’s aspiration to develop reference level technology that must be reckoned with. In professional audio, the company realizes this approach under the brand Lake People, while in hifi the brand name Violectric is used. The attachment to the Lake Constance area is already expressed through the name Lake People and reflected in the way the business operates: The entire development and manufacturing is done in in Constance, even the suppliers are mainly from Germany. By virtue of this commitment, the AD- and DA-converters, microphone amps, headphone amps, phono amps and signal converters are rightfully labelled “Made in Germany”.